Harlow Priority Estates Programme financial modelling

The Tibbalds HCA team led by development specialists Kim Sangster Associates are undertaking financial modelling feasibility advice in connection with the Priority Estates Programme that was established in 2007 by Harlow Council, initially in response to concerns about the condition of housing on the following residential estates:

  • The Briars.
  • Aylets Field.
  • Copshall Close.
  • Lower Meadow.
  • Barley Croft.
  • Northbrooks.

KSA’s work will enable Harlow BC’s comprehensive redevelopment of the first tranche of three estates to deliver the following benefits:

  • New dwellings with the benefit of lower ongoing energy and maintenance costs.
  • A wider mix of dwelling types to provide for a more balanced community.
  • Additional dwellings for market or affordable tenure addressing the need for additional housing for Harlow.
  • Well laid out estates addressing security, access and connectivity issues.
  • Additional car parking where required to match current standards.
  • The creating of a sense of place and enhancement and greater usage of green spaces.

The services include:

  1. Development Appraisal Management.
  2. Preparation of Tender Documentation.
  3. Pre-Qualifiucation of Bidders and preparation of PQQ.
  4. Establising the principles of contract with a development partner.