Tibbalds Multidisciplinary Team applied their skills for the planning document and successfully brought the plan together alongside strong project management.”

Ismail Mulla

Project Manager for the North East Enfield Area Action Plan


“We use CampbellReith because of their track record, their ability to deliver and the people.”

Nathanial Crichton

Design Manager, Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK


“For master planning and Urban Design consultation, Tibbalds Multidisciplinary Team are the best people I have ever worked with. They are open minded and flexible; they are not set in their ways when it comes to solving different problems.”

Nick Clough

Senior Development Manager, London Borough of Camden


“There’s something about CampbellReith that feels positive; they give the right type of vibe, there is an energy about them that we like.”

Clive Taylor

Project Manager, Sea Change Sussex


“The Tibbalds Multidisciplinary Team is tenacious, creative and solutions oriented. A senior, partner-led team took the time to understand our specific objectives and subsequently unlocked a complex planning situation. By developing a strategy that linked a variety of challenging sites and with a focus on value creation, they helped deliver a high quality project for everyone involved as well as an additional 18 units on site.”

Jed Young

Regeneration team leader, London Borough of Camden


“Their knowledge base in each of the areas was absolutely excellent; the added value was that we didn’t need to go elsewhere. They made sure together we covered all the aspects we needed to. They were very good at getting us to understand the current market.”

Property Services, London Borough of Camden