Thames Way Concept Masterplan

Our JV team was commissioned by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC) to prepare a concept masterplan for a distinct part for the emerging Garden City. The area around Thames Way comprised already several distinct projects, all at different stage, such as improvements or potential relocation of the existing sewerage plant, Blue Lake remediation works, River Park and a number of development parcels that were coming forward.

EDC appointed us to bring together these various projects and workstreams and create a comprehensive vision and masterplan for the area.  We worked collaboratively with the other design and engineering teams to fully understand the existing work and ensure we build on the opportunities while avoid undoing any of the progress made to date. 

As is typical for Tibbalds CampbellReith, we worked as a highly integrated team of civil engineers, masterplanners and viability consultants. This process allowed us to quickly and efficiently identify credible options that were then developed in more detail for their technical feasibility and cost implications leading to robust recommendations and a preferred way forward.

We gave the EDC board clear justification for each option, including potential costs and wider benefits assisting them to make decisions. As a result, our work was enthusiastically embraced by the Board who had not expected that this constrained site could have the unexpected potential to become a highly sustainable and distinct new quarter of the Garden City. The final report informed key client decisions regarding delivery and funding. A subsequent commission informed community engagement, business plans and further design stages.